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Durable, versatile line of exterior 100% acrylic paints.

  • Superior hide and durability
  • Exceptional balance of sag resistance and flow & leveling
  • Easy to apply and dries to a smooth uniform finish
  • Ideally suited for use on commercial and residential projects such as schools, hotels, hospitals and single family or multi-tenant housing
  • Very low odor and ultra-low VOC content

Available in one-gallon and five-gallon sizes.



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SPARTASHIELD Exterior 100% Acrylic Paint

Product Information Sheets:   EnglishSpanishKorean
Material Safety Data Sheet
Product Information Sheets:   EnglishSpanishKorean
Material Safety Data Sheet
Product Information Sheets:   EnglishSpanishKorean
Material Safety Data Sheet
Low Sheen
Product Information Sheets:   EnglishSpanishKorean
Material Safety Data Sheet
Product Information Sheets:   EnglishSpanishKorean
Material Safety Data Sheet
Product Information Sheets:   EnglishSpanishKorean
Material Safety Data Sheet
Doors & Windows
Masonry & Brick
Wood Siding
Vinyl Siding
Soffit, Fascia & Eaves
Garage Doors & Gutters
Wrought Iron Gates
Doors & Fences

These are commonly used gloss levels for surfaces listed above. Gloss may be affected by texture, porosity of the surface and atmospheric conditions. Please contact a Dunn-Edwards representative or your local store for specific product availability.

Why SPARTASHIELD is the right product for the project

SPARTASHIELD is a more durable, better hiding paint than the competition. The high quality resins and pigments used in our formula provide for a better hiding paint that is very easy to apply. This means that you will use less paint and get the job done faster.


SPARTASHIELD is formulated to achieve an exceptional balance between sag resistance and flow & leveling. Special thickening agents are used that interact better with resin particles to prevent excessive sag or running while providing very good flow & leveling when applied. You can achieve a smooth, uniform finish more quickly so the job looks great the first time.



These diagrams are not designed to scale and are simplified to illustrate what is happening on a microscopic level.


See the SPARTASHIELD difference for yourself


Applied Hide Test – SPARTASHIELD outperforms the competition in applied hide. Good applied hide ensures that maximum hide is achieved when the paint is rolled so that fewer coats are needed to complete the project.







Test method: A 4 x 4 ft. drywall board is painted with a white acrylic primer. After allowing the primer to dry for 6 hours, a 6 in. black stripe of acrylic flat black paint is applied across the board. After 24 hours, all paints are applied to the test boards by brush (on the edges) and roller (across the center). The completed test panel is visually assessed for how the paint covers the black stripe, and the uniformity in appearance between the brushed and rolled areas.


Flow & Leveling Test – SPARTASHIELD has better flow & leveling compared to competitive products of the same gloss level. Good flow & leveling ensures that the paint dries to a smooth uniform finish without any unsightly marks or lines.





Test method: Paints are applied to a black and white chart using a special blade. After drying horizontally for 24 hours, the charts are examined to determine the smoothness of the finish against a standard Laneta scale from 1=Poor (not smooth) to 10=Excellent (completely smooth).


Efflorescence Test – SPARTASHIELD Exterior 100% Acrylic Flat outperforms the competition in its ability to resist efflorescence, which are white salts deposits that can develop in masonry surfaces. Painted surfaces that resist efflorescence look newer longer.



Test method: All paints are applied to cement fiber boards (equal measured amounts and allowed to dry 24 hours). Cement boards are placed over a warm water bath (100-120°) for 48 hours. They are then allowed to dry at room temperature and results are evaluated.



Dunn-Edwards has a green legacy that makes us proud and inspires us to do more. We are firmly dedicated to the green principle of eco-efficiency, which we define as the ability to satisfy human needs in ways that minimize adverse impacts on energy and material resources, environmental quality, and human health and safety. SPARTASHIELD is yet another example of this commitment.


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